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Latest News From The World of Weed Network

Latest News From The World of Weed Network



Mexico Has Legalized Cannabis For Medicinal Use


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High Times Acquired – Cannabis Business Park – Big Marijuana Investors – World of Weed News

High Times Acquired – Cannabis Business Park – Big Marijuana Investors – World of Weed News

High Times Was Acquired for $70 million by a Group of Investors Including Damian Marley

High Times, the magazine that has chronicled the transformation of marijuana use from an underground vice to a major American business, said on Thursday that it had been acquired by a group of investors that includes Damian Marley, son of the reggae star Bob Marley.

The group, led by Adam Levin, the founder of the investment firm Oreva Capital, bought a controlling interest at a price that values the magazine at $70 million, according to The San Francisco Chronicle…



A Cannabis-Business Park Covering 1 Million Square Feet Is Coming to Massachusetts

California is at the forefront of the US medical marijuana industry, and weed’s positive impact on the state’s economy has been huge, generating $2.8 billion in 2015, with $6.5 billion annually expected by 2020.

The state’s largest grow facility was announced in June 2016 by GFarms, and is slated to be built in the town of Desert Hot Springs, which declared itself insolvent in 2014 and is now experiencing a real estate boom thanks to the marijuana industry. ..


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Big Investors Backing A Marijuana Boom In 2017

Some of the biggest marijuana stocks in the U.S. have seen 1,000 percent gains over the past couple of years, and now it is Canada’s turn — where no one’s even looking.

Here, the minting of millionaires is going to be huge. Not only is medical marijuana already legalized across the country, but the Canadian government is preparing to introduce…



Jason Silva on the future of cannabis at Arcview Investor Forum