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With its headquarters and flagship operations in Colorado, the marijuana capital of the United States, World of Weed, Inc. seeks to build upon the established foundation of the Colorado market to expand its ventures throughout the United States.

WOWI will service the medical and recreational cannabis markets through vertical integration as it recognizes that its product is believed to improve the quality of life of individuals suffering from certain debilitating medical conditions. Working through collaborations with well-respected institutions such as Colorado State University, WOWI intends to develop protocols and advanced distribution system to transform the industry to best service the medical needs of the populous.


With its core business of product development and market expansion in the growing cannabis and hemp industry, WOWI will engage other cannabis and hemp companies in co-development, licensing, distribution, and marketing agreements that increase their market footprint and corporate valuation. As the market continues to expand rapidly, WOWI will subsequently continue to independently pursue licensing in states where cannabis is legal.

WOWI, Inc.’s strategic growth initiatives include:

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