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420 Event With World of Weed at Civic Center Park in Denver

420 Event With World of Weed at Civic Center Park in Denver

Hey all my friends and WOWI Inc. family! Our corporate offices and all company business is closed for the week. For emergencies email my corporate email address. Or email us off of the corporate website.

Again come find us at civic center park on April 20 for the 420 festivities. We will have tons of great giveaways and the WOWI SUPER MODELS Will be working the crowd and booths with smiles and tons of schwag.

At minimum come enter World of Weed’s amazing raffle opportunity. All corporate business will resume on Monday, April 24. Have a blessed happy and profitable day.

World of weed Inc. will be available at 420 event in civic center park April 20th and at all ancillary festivities for remainder of week. Normal office hours will commence on Monday April 24th at 8 am.

Come join us and hope to see you at the events!!!!! Otherwise catch back with us on Monday!

Denver 420 Rally World of Weed

World of Weed Family at Red Creek Springs Facility

World of Weed Family at Red Creek Springs Facility

World of Weed Team

To execute on its commitment, World of Weed, Inc. (WOWI) draws on the collective experience of its management team with expertise in market research, development, market opportunities, sales, distribution, future growth and economic trends.

Our management team has been sought for opinions and expertise on the medical and recreational cannabis markets. Among them, Colorado State University, Colorado Department of Agriculture, San Luis Valley Authority and the HEMP market in Colorado.

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World of Weed Closes Friends and Family Round

World of Weed Closes Friends and Family Round

In the hopes and plan to enter the capital markets World of Weed Inc. closes their friends and family investment round. Proceeds are expected to be used for the purchasing of the state of the art 10,000 sqft. Farmtek greenhouse and also to prepare for the company’s forage into the capital markets and trading as a public company.

This changes the over all access to institutional level investment capital and will allow WOWI to further expand at a much brisker pace. The round was closed at 1,000,000 committed dollars and 500,000 dollars in the escrow. WOWI, it’s management team and employees  are excited for this bold move. ” This is a game changer for WOWI and raises the bar substantially for our competitors.” Anthony C Russo, president WOWI states. ” WOWI will move toward the full build out of the the first phase at Red Creek springs Farm Complex and entering the capital markets at this time is more than advantages to us and has our competitors nervous I am sure.”.

WOWI has 5 fully built out acres for Cannabis growing and an additional 35 acres to grow into. Look for other big news from WOWI and its strategic partners coming up in the near future.

MCPI Unilaterally and Unwarentedly Renigs on Contractual Obligations to Close Merger

MCPI Unilaterally and Unwarentedly Renigs on Contractual Obligations to Close Merger

WOW sadly announces today that the MCPI merger will not go through and fraudulently reported on the 8k of MCPI was the reason that WOW counsel did not approve the deal. Anthony C Russo states loudly, “We at WOW in all good faith entered into the merger and moved to the 75 day audit after Charles Stidham informed us verbally the deal was closed. 

We put MCPI executive and CFO Garrett Vogle on with our counsel and as the deal was structured properly and 100% able to close WOWI must assume that there was an additional and alternate agenda at play!” When asked if WOW would seek out remedies in the court system Mr. Russo answered “We as an executive team are focused on building the right team and partnerships to move WOWI to the fore front of Legal Cannabis companies Nationally. We are the same great company with the same great business strategy and are executing on that strategy.  That is 100% our focus.

We also understand that MCPI only has a single dispensary operating at this time so we must say if that was the original deal we wouldn’t have entered into the merger.  We feel we do have recourse legally but the effort and to take away from our focus isn’t our goal.  Our goal as it always has been is to be the cannabis company not just a company in cannabis.” 

WOW is executing well and as we see it still the most exciting game in the space. WOW is seeking the public arena still but maybe as a self sustained spin off of a incubator parent.