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World of Weed CBD is Your Source for High-Quality CBD Products

World of Weed CBD is Your Source for High-Quality CBD Products

Our mission at World of Weed CBD is to provide high-quality hemp derived CBD products to help improve overall well-being.

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The Medical Uses of CBD are Numerous… The active compound in hemp is commonly referred to as cannabidiol or CBD which is unique in a sense that unlike THC, it is not psychoactive in nature and hence enables you to avoid getting high. This difference is primarily due to THC acting directly to the CB1 and CB2 receptors in order to stimulate them while CBD holds a rather indirect action on the receptors…

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Medical Marijuana Helping Veterans Reduce or Completely Discontinue the Use of Dangerous Prescription Drugs

Medical Marijuana Helping Veterans Reduce or Completely Discontinue the Use of Dangerous Prescription Drugs

Grow For Vets Wins Non-Profit of the Year!

Grow for Vets was honored to receive the CloverLeaf 2016 Cannabis Business Awards Nonprofit of the Year award!

The mission of Grow for Vets is to help save the more than 50 Veterans who die each day from suicide and prescription drug overdose. Grow for Vets provides Veteran heroes with safe alternative to deadly prescription drugs. We connect Veterans with the knowledge and resources necessary to obtain or grow their own cannabis for treatment of their medical conditions…


…We believe that our veterans have earned the right to receive the most effective medical treatment available. Treatment that allows them to function as loving fathers and mothers. Treatment that affords them quality educational and career opportunities. Treatment that gives them a shot at being productive members of society. The Grow for Vets team of staff and volunteers are dedicated to doing all that we can for these men and women who have scarified so much for us. Without their sacrifice, we would not enjoy the peace and prosperity at home that we often times take for granted…


Grow for Vets is a national, nonpartisan, 501(c)(19) non-profit organization headquartered in Colorado.

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Cannabis Industry News Updates

Cannabis Industry News Updates

Expert Expects Washington Cannabis Market to Become Dominated by Large Growers

UW Today interviewed Méndez to discuss the report, which addressed the supply of cannabis relative to the potential demand from medical patients, and Washington’s cannabis industry.


Sam Méndez on Washington’s pot industry, why outdoor grows make sense and how marijuana is becoming like wine

A report from ArcView in California estimates that the national market will grow from $7.1 billion this year to $22.8 billion in 2020 – three times as big in the course of four years. A number of people I’ve spoken to, policymakers as well, believe the horse is out of the barn — that this is not going to be shut down by the federal government.



4 Top Stocks in the Growing Medical Marijuana Industry

Weed has gone from a taboo substance to a multi-billion-dollar bonanza. The growth of the marijuana sector has created opportunities for investors. Here are four to watch.



Licensing Scheme for Medical Marijuana Market May Be a Boon for the Black Market in Washington State

Critics contend current cap on new cannabis stores is too low and could force many patients to turn to back-alley providers.

The state of Washington’s medical-marijuana industry has been in disarray since the passage of legislation last spring that calls for pushing businesses in that now-unregulated “grey market” into the state’s regulated recreational-cannabis market.


Marijuana Industry Growing Pains